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The General and the Ambassador®

Diplomacy & Defense:  Behind the scenes conversations between senior US military leaders and US Ambassadors on their joint work across the globe from Afghanistan to Haiti to advance US national security.  

Jun 25, 2021

General Crutchfield and Anne Richard talk about US diplomatic and military engagement with Myanmar/Burma, the persecution and statelessness of the Rohingya, the closed Burmese military mindset, the available US tools to influence behavior, and the shifts in US refugee policy.

Jun 16, 2021

General Casey and Ambassador Negroponte talk about their partnership in Iraq after the end of the US occupation: correcting mistakes made by the CPA, adjusting to the reality that the country was not ready for reconstruction, rebuilding the army and police, transitioning to counterinsurgency operations, sharing bushels...

Jun 4, 2021

General Brooks and Ambassador Lippert talk about US efforts to build a strong relationship between Japan and South Korea amidst historical sensitivities (including the issue of “comfort women”), Korea’s actual contributions to burden sharing, the effects of the suspension of military exercises after the Trump/Kim...

Jun 4, 2021

General Brooks (former Commander US forces Korea) and Ambassador Lippert (former US Ambassador to South Korea) talk about US military and diplomatic engagement with South Korea in the context of US interests in the Asia Pacific Region. They cover the significance of North Korean nuclear/missile tests in 2016, the THAAD...