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The General and the Ambassador®

Diplomacy & Defense:  Behind the scenes conversations between senior US military leaders and US Ambassadors on their joint work across the globe from Afghanistan to Haiti to advance US national security.  

Mar 26, 2023

General Mejia and Ambassador Whitaker discuss the arduous effort to negotiate a peace agreement between the Govt of Colombia and the FARC. Topics include: the campaign plan (Espada de Honor) in which the military got access to new key intelligence & used tactics/ equipment provided by the US through Plan Colombia, to...

Mar 13, 2023

Mississippi Adjutant General, General Janson Boyles, and former US Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Pamela Spratlen discuss the role of the US national guard overseas, focusing on the State Partnership Program between the Mississippi National Guard and Uzbekistan.  They review the US-Uzbek security relationship over the years;...